We have been challenging the latest technology all the way and all the time.

Since its establishment, we have promptly introduced the latest technology all the time, and responded to our customer's needs. That makes a spirit of [ challenging actively without being afraid of running risk] among our younger technicians. We will continue to make progress for the development of both technique and research which will be needed in new epoch , maintaining those challenging spirits.

(Processing technology introduced by the company as the first in plastic industry or as the top group)
1940 Thermosetting molding
1948 PVC pipe extrusion
1951 Injection molding
1961 Large washing machine , EPS
1964 Plating on plastics
1965 Low expand. molding
1967 Thick blow molding
1969 FRP Marble
1973 Pad printing
1974 Double color injection
1976 Sheet insert molding
1977 Wiping painting , Leather insert
1978 Curved hot stamp
1979 OverLay
1981 UV coating , In-mold stamping
1978 Multicolor paint
1988 Gas counter press
1989 EMI shield plat
1990 Gas injection
1991 High Hollow molding
1992 Sponge insert molding , Fine porous molding
1995 Part of High Hollow molding
2000 Pulp Injection Molding

We lately concentrate on not only introduction of new technique, but also development of pioneered basic technique, aiming at more originative development. The topics below are example.
diversified and stable molding technology
super hi-cycle molding
low pressure clamping
low pressure injection
hi-temperature injection
Super cooling technology
original CAE
Molding Assist Materials

Mainly in the plastic processing field, we energetically develop new processing technology. A patent of below subject is approved already or being applied for.
in-mold coating
hollow injection
mold surface rapid heating method
heatproof duct
mold multi-cooling
rapid heating and cooling of mold surface

Recycling of the plastic based products is now one of the big social theme. Thanks to our total technology of the plastic processing and using new material of paper fibers which can be replaced for the plastic, we finally developed pulp injection molding technology ;technology of manufacturing the molding products which have same characteristic as the plastic.
Pulp injection moldeing (PIM)
Pulp compression molding (PCM)

We also greatly concentrate on the introduction of equipment in research and development field. The followings are the main equipments or planned equipments to introduce.

injection machine for test and research
molding analyzer
Fourier Transform Intrared Spectroscopy
tensile teat machine
roughness meter
material mixer
3-D measuring
isothermal & hydrostat
milling machine

'micro CADAM'
Mold Pipe-Network

EWS engineering work station SUN x4
AS/400 x2

The products development harmonized with environment
Development of compound materials for recycling and its processing
The proposal for a shape of products which could keep the stronger points of both recycling and basic view.
Establishing information technology
Establishing network online system

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